Henry Lipatov Director, Producer, Visual Effects


Henry Lipatov - Award Winning Director, Producer, Visual Effects Supervisor of such Music Videos as “Limitless” Jennifer Lopez, “I am phenomenal” and “Framed” EMINEM, “Heartbeat” Kelly Clarkson, “Privacy”, “Questions”, “Tempo” Chris Brown, “Get the Strap” 50 Cent, “Unbelievable” WhyDon’tWe, “Good Goodbye” Linkin Park, “Irresistible” Fall Out Boy ft. Demi Lovato and many others. Henry Lipatov received an Award for the best Visual Effects in “A Tricky Treat” short film in Cannas, 2015. And as Director he received an Award for the Best Music Video “Wanna Be Younk” at CKF International Film Festival, South Film and Arts Academy Festival, Top Shorts Film Festival. Henry Lipatov is a founder of “Beverly Films” film company. “Colors of Souls” (2015), “The Secret Game” (2018), TV Show – Magic7 (2019). Henry started his directing career in Ukraine as a music video and a commercial director. With great success in the European market. He has moved over to the USA working with top American artists and brands. Having a broad and versatile experience as a director Henry transitioned into the film and the television world. Among his latest works are “LA RUSH” with Elija Wood, "Wanna be Younk" with Sid Wilson (“Slipknot”).